Installation Passenger doors on the 1991 Lincoln Town Car

00 picture taken
    This is what the car looked like when I purchased it. The gentleman who owned it was elderly and subsequently creased all the doors! I'm thinking maybe, guardrail in a parking garage?

01 picture taken
    This is another angle of the doors. This shows both passenger side doors.

02 picture taken
    This is the door I bought from the junk yard. It came off of a White 1991 Lincoln Town car.How lucky was I to find a donor car, same year,color, and only $50 per door! All the doors were complete too. (Glass, window motors and wiring) There was some minor damage to the bottom of the door. And, yes, this is my dining room table! ( it's nice being single!)

03 picture taken
    Another picture of the front door repair.

04 picture taken
    Still another picture of the front door repair.

05 picture taken
    And yet another picture of the front door repair.

06 picture taken
    Finally, Some progress! I taped off the upper half of the door and sprayed it with a rattle can and it didn't came out to bad!

07 picture taken
    This is a close up of the repaired front door.
08 picture taken
    Another picture of the front door.
09 picture taken
    I started with the rear door first. This is a picture of the rear door with the interior panel off. I've started to snake the wiring out of the door.
10 picture taken
    I removed the door wiring out of the door and laid it on the car floor. All I have to do is reinsert the wiring back into the new door and connect everything up again. “Plug & Play”
11 picture taken
    This is what it would look like if someone stole your back door!
12 picture taken
    The new door is finally on. I had to realign the door to close properly, but it fit perfectly. All I had to do was re pinstripe the door to match the rest of the car and it looks “ factory” again.
13 picture taken
    Another picture of the newer door. Sweet!