Installation of rear AirSprings on the 1991 Lincoln Town Car

00 picture taken
    This is what the car looked like after sitting over night. The passenger side was leaning over and about 2 inches lower then the driver side. It would level off and stay trimmed, but the compresser was working overtime to keep up.

01 picture taken
    Always read the instruction first, On the top step are the instructions from the manufacturer (Suncore) and on the next step is the 1991 Lincoln Town Car factory manual. Also in the picture are the new air-springs and the new O-rings.

02 picture taken
    Here is the old air-spring and the solenoid. The passenger side bag was leaking and making my air compressor go on every 20 minutes. This was quite annoying on the trip to Maine. At the very bottom( where the cone is) the rubber was cracking and leaking air. I believe that this is the original bag! Not to bad for 18 years!

03 picture taken
    This is where the air-spring was. Also pictured is my new exhaust pipe. Oh. Please excuse the rust, this is my “winter” car and it takes a beating up here in the Northeast.

04 picture taken
    This is a picture of my work station. Always Safety First. I always use a jack stand and keep the jack under the car as a safety measure too. I always place a piece of plywood under the stands to prevent damaging the driveway.

    Side note= In the back is my picket fence that I was rebuilding till my new air-springs arrived today!

05 picture taken
    Pictured is the new air-spring from Suncore. Both air-springs cost me $168 including shipping. They took 4 day to ship by UPS.

06 picture taken
    This is the old air-spring. On the bladder it says “Airide® springs by Firestone. I believe this is the original spring that came with the car!

07 picture taken
    Here is both new and old air-springs together. The material is different, but the design is the same. The new air-spring fit perfectly and I reused the old solenoid. I did replace all 3 O-rings as a safety precaution.The job wasn't to hard and it took me about 1 hour to replace one spring from start to finish. I hope the new ones last at least as long as the ones I replaced.